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INTRODaUnCTION I meet in the temple corner a simple loner mourner moaner, my loaner of righteousness might just bust me dead in the streets cuz i've said much over beats telephones and ethernet connections that disrespect a section of my own election to the Family, i've been ramming me full of toxins sold in boxes or baggies, i'm not slagging these bredren or sistren but spit red blood in the cistern of dissed men and now i miss them and their efforts, why throw sticks at lepers when leopards are eating our offspring? sing soft sing hard for a fleeting shard of stability, i'm a scarred liability to this occupation with a preoccupation on inoculation against the diseases, party-pleasers sit on the fence don't start me, the pit gets tense i've rent the tent of evil agents but at Lent spent my cents on a demented gent's sentences pent up in penitentiary don't mention me to the warden, cuz its Flash Gorden vs. the Gorgon with the morgue on high alert why'd I flirt with such destruction? I don't know, but please plaster faster with the Unction. Words © Cyril Guérette.
Phosphatidylserine To those with ears let them hear the seer, To those who are auriculate let me articulate Fos-PHAT-id-ILL SEER-een As imperial homo sapiens enter recipients to the incipient temporal spatial world multifarious inferior racial exteriors are here and there made nefariously hilarious various categories are scattered with gory consequences sorry story sequences on forty frequencies upheaval of the primeval integral interval of time our frugal frames mine only a prodigal mime of mind the Prodigy's odyssey is obviously devious a mischievous devil misleads when we believe misdeeds relievin' us evil thus is renitent in the ancient yet recent precinct of production instinct our instant induction; both distinction and deduction, incessant reduction definitely manifest destitute destiny, the institute's prostitutes are pressing me resist instead (invest) in the recipe to resuscitate reinstate every entity's unity in the recess, reassess and investigate that property of poetry that's notably noble it's probably not properly a logo Logos is low on gas,faces say the reality of virtue is virtual But if this were true, it would really hurt you all. Idyllic Cyrillic Scriptures pictured in acrylic pixels, A mosaic of archaic proverbs probably prohibited in Hicksville. (x2) Guard your treasury from the treachery of lecherous sketchy wretches Procure a security in surety against the incommensurate Who hate, chide, then circumscribe the scribe Despite the laughter I rap at cha through the aperture of the rapture Fight with an attitude that has an aptitude to capture the ineffectual in a perpetual perceptual intellectual spectacle, contempt for the contemporary menace of immanence, an agitated antiquated immigrant who mitigates against the imitation of intimate intimation, infiltrate and rail against the frailty of our imposed failed reality closed and opposed to an impaled spirituality, spatiality readily hailed as our specialty but our species just bailed into an easy banality. The Preliminary Luminary Finality is forgotten For we've gotten rotten and brought on ourselves this parking lot in life Idyllic Cyrillic Scriptures pictured in acrylic pixels, A mosaic of archaic proverbs probably prohibited in Hicksville.
The Gauntlet 05:00
Theory vs. Practice Nihilistic Will to Power. Survival of the Fittest. Be realistic - admit this: our inability to kill and guilt not arrive the next hour. If it was just muscles we'd all hustle to be Mussolini. Must be we only cuss all we're seeing cuz really we're fleeing its Meaning. Meaning we're fiending to deny our dependence. I reply that's why we don't spy our intended transcendence. You try to truncate abundance, vacate the circumference of circumstance, Infer it's just a Circus of Chance. Well, I advance it's an Avalanche of Surplus Sir Plus I concur with it's current. Currently carried away, married to the day, it's scary the way My philosophy fills past the brim - no one can put a stop on me. Properly, I'm just skimming the surface with dim didaction. I usurp foes thus, what I proposed in prose … I did in action. Chorus: PUSH THE LIMITS SOUNDSCAPE EXPLORATION THE LIGHTER SIDE MORE PULL THAN GRAVITY BATTERY ACID TRIP WIRE LESS CORROSION EXPLOSION BIG BANG THEORY VS. PRACTICE Verse 3 In theory we they appear as the axis of evil In practice we actually just fear other people. In theory vehicles kill with their Carbon In practice Johnny needs to drive his Car son. In theory we create our superior democracy In practice it's a 4-year dictator bureaucracy In theory every matter has it's separate category In practice it's all just the same old story.
Think About These Things My city has the psyche of a sin-sick cynic, They mimic my stand on the mic like a stand-up clinic, Even our comedy is honestly at enmity with the remedy Called virtue; Like it would hurt you To give living in the darkness a curfew. We're few and far between Who would wean the world from its mean fixation, Yet a kinder mindset could intervene and fix this nation. I pick my stations carefully, Guard the last shard of clarity prayerfully, Where parity is a parody Only purity is a surety. Sure I'm wordy, but would you rather of heard me Absurdly glorify another murder scene? It occurred to me, fortify your thoughts for forty nights, As hordes of advertising demons vehemently fight, a verse rings out, "Think about these things." CHORUS (Phil. 4:8): Whatever is true and noble, whatever is good and pure, lovely or admirable, (Think about these things) if it's excellent or praiseworthy, Think about these things. I've been delegated dedicated for several years Whatever will come the Ill Seer Takes one step forward with two looks back n forthcoming an evangelist backed by drumming. This music is my way to heal the planet; Of course I feel the panic, Stricken by a ridiculous sense of self worth, Fighting hell on earth already knowing the outcome. I won't be outdone up in lawsuits Or disputes despite the ill reputrid Stupid dusty industry. It must be my future family to feed That helps me keep my sanity, In this unsanitarry if you will world. How will the next generation react to a star track so far back to the basics? In case it's positive I posit I got a lot to give. CHORUS If it's True even the News can't disguise it with lies And being noble is hope for all local and global ties. Should you be good its good for you, and your goods too. What is pure will endure as the cure to all our maladies. The lovely are demure yet valiantly paint murals validly. Admirable are the admirals who face the tainted without fainting, Excellent are they who lay worldly concerns to be burned, waiting patiently, Praiseworthy is the Saintly, ain't she? While so many sink into the route of Bling Bling, Sometimes a man's gotta think about these things. CHORUS X2
MY PROPOSAL (October 9, 2002) Since I was a little chap Before I even heard of rap A nerd who napped In class dreaming of a lass To share a lifetime, A wife I'm able to adore and care for Pour out my deepest secrets Weep without regret Keep it discrete yet communicated I soon debated if I'd meet this girl Before I reaped the whirlwind. It's keeping Cyril in a state of anxiety A few dates even lied to me, I tried to be free from society But the scheme wouldn't die in me. I'd even write in my diary … Then one day I was shook by the very Chick that flickered through my barely legible dreams. "It's incredible," I screamed. "Look, checkout the book of my life like a library." Now I'm merry and rarely want to be apart from her, My heart is sure, my eyes start to blur, With tears of sheer ecstasy, I want her sexy figure next to me Every night and morning. I fight not to be corny, It's alright, just don't ignore me. It's my proposal to be at your disposal Never to oppose all your dreams and ambitions It seems I AM wishes you to be my Mrs. I suppose I'd be remiss if … (X2) Maegan I'd be a pagan vagrant If it wasn't for your blatant pageantry No more savagery from your gentry You gently put me in my place - In your heart, I face this century venturing with an elegant element On my arm. I promise to guard you from harm, If it's not too hard, harness your charm And farm the fields of my being, I yield but I'm not fleeing. I finally feel free and I can't articulate how much you appeal to me; as such, your art percolates in my mind, I find your perky smirk binding. Lets work together in holy matrimony, Harmony over acrimony whether we're lacking money or wholly prosperous, it'd be preposterous to try stopping us in our hospitable trust. And it costs us nothing but unswerving commitment To each other and our immanent Father It's unnerving that so many would rather not bother But we know better and sow vows for good or bad weather, Should we be sad, I'm glad to know it'd be together. It's my proposal to be at your disposal Never to oppose all your dreams and ambitions It seems I AM wishes you to be my Mrs. I suppose I'd be remiss if I didn't make this explicit … (X2) Maegan, will you marry me?
LIVIN' GODLY (REFRAIN) Praise to the Creator raise hands to the mind-inflator bind the haters with bands' instrumentalization strum for mental realization of the infinite cuz i'm into it though not every minute when i forget to eat my spiritual spinach i let u hear it all and then i'm finished until i drop to my knees and stop pleasing the easement of my flow from the rooftops till i'm eased to a trough to eat the garbage harbanged by the hard age of info and i'm a nympho-neophyte fight with Neo for the right to be declared the true cleric-prophet too scared and scarred to top it off like a Guinness i'm in this to win this war against Satan deflatin' the enemies rubber duckies struck these robbers with dub and tuck these children into the wilderness where wierdness is bliss cuz we're in this together, to gain feathers like eighties dudes i played these rude duds out in a budding feud between two families of similes one like anatomic anomalies the other like catastrophic castrations So I vent frustration with a bent and busted nation Cuts: "Sometimes I still refrain from livin' godly." I forget the calls to the divine fall into the ravine of raving behaving like a slave salivating for a salary forgot to count the calories got caught with amounts of attempts at valour that exempt me from the pallour of my diet I try it vying to get the die cast but i die too fast for this roll-call stall control my gall by hurdling it to the seas the curdling screams of seagulls see all but i freefall [freefalling] into repetition like a petty Petty Diddy did he understand the wondrous plan thunderous amongst the thoughts of a man stranded on a planet of manics only invoking Truth with a "Damn it!"? i'm provoking the youth to panic took a picnic in the closed closet disposed my deposit deposed, a hobbling hobbit, wobbling in my hobby i lobby the laboratories to give the gift of gab and stories it due place at the forefront of society for they front on it's propriety that's why we be unrecognized and wrecked with lies in agony these mags on me miss the true Details i blew it at retail but prevail in e-mail [see cyril rail, a pale gandalf in a stand off]
F8 05:45
F8 Each sentence is an entrance which reaches the ceiling, kneeling I'm feeling to teach is appealing. Congealing with a concealing Spirit i revere it and clear it a path. Math is supraphysical, We're looped individuals Indivisible. but there's still residual traces of spaces between nuclear particles. Ill, u can't sear the genuine article. I part the bull in you, culling u out, mulling about in a tranced state, i dance with fate, for chance is my mate, and i can't wait to plant my feet in a state replete with a rate of great acceleration. With celluar motivation i call to Life! to Biology, "Sit up, acknowledge me! Quit the bit about entropy, my isotopes are sloping sloppily." Dropping the intense dense muse found in each element of matter, my helmet of scattered truths produce useful fullness, and i pull this huge weight, i muse on fate, abuse it until the universe shouts that it hates me. I pout and curse until it berates me into submission, rubs my face in it's mission. The pub's the place where i waste my vision. all blurry, a surly Cyril curls into his corner, and yell's "Oh, Poor Her." Nature ... the fate ur assigning to me, is asinine ... i flee, but to where? She still stares me down. I kill care but it frowns and reincarnates. Can I bar fate from it's call, the marred earth will fall if i still stall, but i ball about bills, and mill about malls, oh when will the walls fall like Jericho ... i bust a rhyme about my scenario, and wearily flow to a trickle, peep fate's fickle sickle demonstrate death. Each breath is a bait, tainted by selfishness, wealth, and stress. The harder you barter to enjoy it the more in the core one of course destroys it. Dealt a hard hand by Fate, She demands to pull my cards. Feeling stressed, I fold under pressure Confess to my dealer in an irate state I hate Fate. (X2) Sitting in my wooden cabin knitting thinking I shouldn't have read what's written, smitten by the anxiety cuz there's no propriety or props when you're stalked maniacally. I've walked 100 miles seen locked frowns and smiles but the vile juvenile gargoyles spoil my toil, I recoil from these serpents what's the purpose of time spent, now I'm chased by disgraced agents, and displaced from the latest taste in fashion, crashing but still lashing out like touted tyres, attired in a spiral of denial, Penile penmanship may end my ship's travels, unless I unravel the secret to their discontentment, I regret their prevailing resentment, can I prevent them from railing against the tenant of tenacious tendencies? I'm gracious for my mendicancy, but can we mend or can't we? You try to bring enlightenment but so many things keep on fighting it, Dealt a hard hand by Fate, She demands to pull my cards. Feeling stressed, I fold under pressure Confess to my dealer I'd appreciate a date with Fate. Dealt a hard hand by Fate, She demands to pull my cards. Feeling stressed, I fold under pressure Confess to my dealer Yes, I wait on Fate. i hurdle through 380 degree circles, a circus of purpose and promises that astonishes wit honest ish, honing honey homilies, sugary anomalies, lifting feet off the street like ollies, strolling with freestyle trollies thru small lyrical malls and alleys, selecting perfecting tallies and tabulations of rhyme formulations without need of congratulations, heed but reject emulation cuz there's a neglect in this prefect of original salutations and greetings, for a fleeting moment we're meeting in a cybersphere, but i'm a diver here, delving into these reveling shenanigans, until i learn what it takes to be a man again, and i plan to stand amongst my seed with enuff to supply their need, but reply that they indeed should chase their own dreams, in case what i've sown deems me incapacitated, in a dilapidated status until i'm rehabilitated to what God would have us ... Dealt a hard hand by Fate, She demands to pull my cards. Feeling stressed, I scold under pressure Debate with my dealer Fate - can't you relate? Dealt a hard hand by Fate, She demands to pull my cards. Feeling stressed, I fold under pressure Confess to my dealer and state: I'm blessed by Fate (I'm blessed by Fate).
TRuthless 01:50
TRuthless i caught the aroma in ancient tomes a' knowledge from the west to the orient found at my college it sounds like foliage when i rustle through the leaves it ends in grief my friends, we're all thieves stealing from a vast past of bastards trying to be the masters of our trade but invaded by the vapours pulling verbal rape capers and shouting "laters" inflators of fiction we cross wires like electricians to elect politicians that are never truly friendly their duty is pretending and bending fact into factions satisfaction with no atonement i alone went to the top of the tower to recite the truth i write with the power of the moonlight i'll soon fight with the weight of a million warriors hardcore ignorers of the lie-storers and horrid off-shore borrowers i'll be sorrier tomorrow but will still courier the marrow for your transplant and supplant the eggplant with obergines which sober means look at Truth through different eyes and you'll break down it's disguise
LieBull 04:41
LieBull Trippin's not really the tip i'm on my lips should spawn something more wholesome with a whole holistic sum of upliftment the cup of my gift went around the cipher circle like a waterbottle at a rave why utter battle craving antics when u panic soon as my manic mandibles start stringing u like a mandolin shaolin sings of things incomprehensible you're reprehensible with your ostensible attempts at defining my essence i'm refining these blessin' to stop the stressin of those messin with the new world order ordeurves served in this ode to you say aurevior to the reservoir when you/I blew the code my abode strobed in the light of heaven revvin' for the inevitable leviable uprising surmising that my timings enviable in viable Bibles liable to spark revival in dark and dingy dungeons your wrung out to dry like a wrong number sung into slumber i begin to wonder should i plunder this language savagely or leave it ravaged by these average cadavers And their lavish adverts My egghead scrambles as I gamble that my ramble will amble through the bramble and stand tall, but it doesn't hold a candle to the bold vandals who scandalized the lies of a nation at this art's instigation. In the heart of this situation duplication seems inevitable, it's incredible how pliable are my rivals, replying with unreliable edifices, they're liable to disgrace the places they mean to intelligently represent. I don't demean - I diligently prevent the venting of hot air. I got caught with a stare at the stars, It's not fair that I'm not behind bars, but i never spat lines on the bar anyways. Many play at spraying, only obeying the on-beat. I spawn beat-downs with my sweet nouns and bombastic chiastic tactics that bounce slightly off-kilter, what I pronounce might be felt despite the filter. I request stilts-we're not blessed to be high as the land of kilts, still my hand has killed off pressed quality formats, soft wannabee four-tracks, poor cats, they oughta be doormats. Can't ignore the fact that I've returned to file a vinyl and burn a CD that turns consistently. These majestic testaments are anti-sceptic I rep kid in freestyle u be in denial, flouting your penile gland spouting about how your band stands but couldn't touch my marbles with a handspan Dorc my man plans to make phatter beats each second don't matter cuz the old one's are so sweet we already got twenty records plenty of stubborn pornheads got torn and stuffed in the shed cuz I bled for this movement and when the groove went to jiggy did u figure the alternative was to alter the native sounds or bend and get down? as I rock sixty rhymes per minute I'm like a pixy eating spinich, Popeye powered, clock on the Mean Greenwich which witch was shocked when I finished this incantation cuz my plan was to go back and attack the plantations, a time-travelling misfit unravelling your dis quick, I flicked it off like an annoying fly, why this toy try and mess with the blessed rhyme sprayer time to say a prayer … God, don't let me be a player!
Sometimes Somebody At times to be truculent seems succulent. Sometimes being voluble is valuable And moldable totally extolable, Other times it's scoldable. Sometimes silence is compliance alliance with cruel and vile violence, at others it's a science of mutual reliance. Sometimes making this palusive is elusive Other times to be lucid is obtrusive. Sometimes to earn concern is discerning Others it's certainly disconcerting. Sometimes the naiveté of the nativity effects me negatively, but despite the ridicule of putting the perfect pedagogue on his pedestal this festival gives me the pedigree of a predestined pedestrian. (Incredible) Somebody said they were a somebody But nobody's a nobody, And if you say anything, Man it hurts like anything. Sometimes to be gallant comes across as wisely elegant But guys and gals who gallivant are fairly unintelligent. The valent are rarely valiant but varying very often a necessary talent. Sometimes to mollify serves to nullify the probability of problems, Others times to placate is to vacate probity and to pacify actually gratifies nobody. At times, being intractable is attractive But once in a while to be irrefragable shows we're really fragile. Sometimes being inexorable may be deplorable On the other hand, the demand to always be vulnerable is also intolerable. Some days to be a composer of words becomes imposing, Those who highpost ripostes boast of toasting nerds, But while they coast on the surface, I observe hiphop's purpose and propose they're served. Somebody said they were a somebody But nobody's a nobody, And if you say anything, Man it hurts like anything.
(March 30th, 2000) Up all night Thursday fight w/ my own in brain the worst way cursed the day I took the academic vein Adamic flesh pressed by wire mesh 3 different essays, philosophic topics defiant? Let's just say, a few drafts got trashed by spot kicks not 1 second of sleep I reckon as I creep to deliver them a cold shiver when I return my latest best friend books let's end this relationship though we're both visibly shook vacation ship sailing, let's hook up with prevailing crooks Delegates and Taskforce, last course, last lecture as term tapers past the texture of sandpaper rough capers prove smooth soothing soothsayers truth, the lair's layers favour freestyle behaviour the phattest session I've ever blessed in messin' with the perception of my profession by the suggestion that spontaneity haunts the laity freestyles hittin' harder than any prewritten spittin' the gaurders of truth like a virgin's garter belt sweltering welts when you felt the pelts that we dealt the 5th element well demented represented never resented (ya we meant it) true pioneers careers only hinted at by the veneer of mass media recording re-swording to blast past like meteors talk of future gatherings lathering the cleansing soap in my mind tensing at the condensing of such beauty to plastic still shoot me when I touch it if I don't state it's fantastic ... then i went and crashed kid.
NumbLock I don't care to live in your narrative Be fair and give my comparative literature It's due imperative Too bitter and impared I swear we we wear the marks of the burdens we carry Hurry and embark, It's urgent don't tarry! Don't worry if you're weary but be wary. Escape the escapade At capacity parades cascade the landscape Invade our unguarded gardens like mandrake You're man Drake Drank the snake's snacks Dragged by the Dragon out back to the false Eden Got cults believing that the bull their reading Is indeed the full meaning. Meeting me half-way house Beating a great Grateful Dead grey horse. Fink on the brink of extermination Pawn on the dawn of self-determination Where went the differentization? Detours won't deter the sure, firm, unshaken! Fink on the brink of extermination Pawn on the dawn of self-determination Where went the differentiation? Detours won't deter the sure, firm, unshaken!
The Sayings of the Seers 1 Samuel 9: 9 (Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spake, Come, and let us go to the seer: for he that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer.) …11 And as they went up the hill to the city, they found young maidens going out to draw water, and said unto them, "Is the seer here?" 12 And they answered them, and said, "He is; behold, he is before you: make haste now, for he came to day to the city; for there is a sacrifice of the people to day in the high place. 13 As soon as ye be come into the city, ye shall straightway find him, before he go up to the high place to eat: for the people will not eat until he come, because he doth bless the sacrifice; and afterwards they eat that be bidden. Now therefore get you up; for about this time ye shall find him." … 18 … "Tell me, I pray thee, where the seer's house is." 19 … "I am the seer: go up before me unto the high place; for ye shall eat with me to day, and to morrow I will let thee go, and will tell thee all that is in thine heart." 2 Chronicles 19:2 … the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD. Amos 7: 12 …, O thou seer, go, flee thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there: 13 But prophesy not again any more at Bethel: for it is the king's chapel, and it is the king's court. 2 Chronicles 16: 7 … the seer came to Asa king of Judah, and said unto him, Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the LORD thy God, therefore is the host of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hand. … 10 Then Asa was wroth with the seer, and put him in a prison house; for he was in a rage with him because of this thing. And Asa oppressed some of the people the same time. 2 Chronicles 33:18 …his prayer unto his God, and the words of the seers that spake to him in the name of the LORD God of Israel, ... 19 … behold, they are written among the sayings of the seers. Isaiah 30: 8 Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever. 9 That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: 10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: 2 Kings 17: 13 Yet the LORD testified against Israel, and against Judah, by all the prophets, and by all the seers, saying, Turn ye from your evil ways, and keep my commandments and my statutes, according to all the law which I commanded your fathers, and which I sent to you by my servants the prophets. 2 Samuel 15: 27 … Art not thou a seer?
Triumphant 03:30
Triumphant I look to the sky in expectation To see the elect infect a nation There'll be no more sorrow, No need to beg, steal, or borrow No vague feelings of I'll feed the poor tomorrow No getting on your knees cuz you need to score bro. No diseases, no leases, no fees, just peace it's A dream it seems, a delinquent delusion we doubt Linked to infrequent intrusions of hope, That went out with illusions of an infallible pope. We're not malleable nope Now we'll stand here in confusion of grandeur And we're grandstanding demanding the grand jury Hurry and acquit us and our acquaintances It's just quaint ain't it … how we're certain it's not hurtin anyone When we quit caring, and sit staring at stars, I admit it's quite daring stretch darling but we might be rich seein how far a wretch will reach to catch a farthing leave them starving, but I perceive a starling warbling about a marvelous marble bridge at the edge of these troubled waters, and a table of vegetables for our feeble daughters. It won't pay to raise my nose like I'm elegant I'll ride with pride, a trunk of funk like an elephant Raised in a blaze by the last days' trumpet to see the Ump put the umph in triumphant. (X2) We're not over the hump yet, I've seen my fair share of lumps and get stumped by these presumptuous punks who pump themselves full of junk, and jump at a chance to have their advanced adjunct faculties sunk in facile activities, we lay docile in our domicile facilities, I can't even smile at our simplicity, Cuz we're all implicitly a part of the illicit system Of a down syndrome, drones sin in droves, It almost drove me to despair, But then I rose to repair the disparity, With power of the rose of Sharon Who arose that we might share in the hour of Chardonnay Pardon me but may pour you a glass of wine Re-fashioned from the fine shards of the cup of sorrow shattered When all whining is scattered by the grapes of wrath, I'm battered and scrape along the path Till all hate is past, these apes state I'm mad, say my mindstate's a fad, Don't make me laugh last Lest next semester your sequestered And fester in the lake with the rest of the fakin jesters … Incestuous molesters, pesters, false confessors, greedy investors, embezzlers. It won't pay to raise my nose like I'm elegant I'll ride with pride, a trunk of funk like an elephant Raised in a blaze by the last days' trumpet to see the Ump put the umph in triumphant. (X2) Words © Cyril Guérette.


ILL SEER: PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE (fos-PHAT-id-ILL SEER-een). The first solo offering from theology professor and PhD candidate Cyril Guérette, the veteran performer from the UK's top hip-hop outfit, Delegates of Culture. The Ill Seer is a man of many interests, but has been a lover of hip-hop since the late 1980s. The record's title refers to a brain nutrient - a symbol of the type of nourishing music the Ill Seer provides. This is integrity filled hip-hop from an intellectual perspective that provides an honest look into the Seer's life and seeks to challenge the socially created boundaries of artistic expression.

*Nominated for CGMA Covenant Award in Best Hiphop/Rap Album category.

*RADIO CHARTING: Waterloo - CKMS FM 100.3 (Overall Charts: #2, #6, #7, #9, #14); Saskatoon - CFCR FM 90.5 (Hiphop Charts: #2, #3); Halifax - CKDU 97.5 (Hiphop Charts: #8); Vancouver - CFRO 102.7 (Urban Charts: #2 Add, #20, #23); (Alternative Hiphop Charts: Highest = #19).


released January 17, 2005

Artwork by Maegan Guerette


all rights reserved



ILL SEER Toronto, Ontario

Ill Seer is Toronto-based Rapper aka Rev. Dr. Cyril Guerette, performing on stages since 1995 & recording w Delegates of Culture in 1999. Partnering with Drew Brown, he won the 40th Annual Covenant Award for "Rap Song of the Year" by the Gospel Music Association of Canada.

Associated acts: Delegates of Culture, Jon Corbin, Drew Brown, Eternia, Shad, Relic, Elias, Theory Hazit, Beat Mason, etc.
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